Where did we come from

After years of working in the Public Sector and volunteering on some of the coolest campaigns, we decided that as creatives we could provide more of a holistic, understanding and conscientious approach to media and design services. For too long flippant comments on skin colour, language, religious and cultural traditions were not uncommon features of typical conversations of design and creative agencies that were commissioned to work with sensitive campaigning. Often time was loss in explaining sensitivities which for those working in the sector, should be second nature. Rather than complaining, we decided to do something about it.

That's why we launched Dervish Creative. We are a multimedia agency specialising in creative storytelling and campaigning. Our specialisms in multifaceted campaigning coupled with our knowledge and passion have allowed us to bring deeply sensitives narratives and personalised brand stories to life. Through curating and creating events, exhibitions and a digital campaigns for a variety of clients including the University of London, University of Sussex, British Muslim TV, Department for Communities and Local Governments, The Commonwealth Secretariat and the Faiths Forum for London - we have approached each project with unique ways and mediums of engagement.


‘Our vested interest in the sector, attention to detail, commitment to tradition and understanding the way of new arts and media is what makes Dervish Creative truly unique. Being a fresh, young start up, but one deeply rooted in the arts, we have truly uncanny ways of engaging and telling your story - the way it should be told.’
Afiyah Alim, Strategic Director